Tranvias de Manila

The tranvia or tramvia was a streetcar that provided mass transportation in Manila. The Compania de los Tranvias de Filipinas first opened to the public in 1888. Its services included transportation via German-made steam locomotives and horse drawn tranvias. Its first five lines interchanged at what is currently known as the Binondo Plaza.

The company dissolved at the end of Spanish rule and reformed as the Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company (Meralco). By 1905, there were twelve electric trams lines to Manila. By 1930's, Philippines had one of the most extensive tram lines in Asia. At the point, the company had 170 streetcars and the lines extended all the way to Malabon.

Much of the tram rails were destroyed WW2. Instead of reconstructing and rehabilitating the railways, the trams were replaced by other modes of transportation like the jeepneys.

Photo Sources: Mario Fier Filipiniana Library, Kinulayang Kasaysayan, Archivos Estatales

Images courtesy Mario Feir Library and John Tewell