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Living History

We are living through unprecedented events in history! If you have stories to tell that document these events through art, journals or other creative endeavors (ex. writing, stories,recipe, activities), we would love to share them on our page!

Direct queries and submissions to 
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From Old Binondo

As a community museum, we recognize our role as a repository for the community’s history. If you have antiques, old images, books or cultural property that you would like to give away, please gift them to us. We will credit these gifts accordingly and provide a certificate of acknowledgement to you.

*Gifts are subject to screening.

Image courtesy Mario Feir Library and John Tewell

Support our Organizations!

Megaworld Foundation

Megaworld Foundation, Inc. is the socio-civic and cultural arm of Megaworld Corporation geared towards providing scholarships to deserving students, spaces for arts and culture and financial assistance to other organizations that share the same vision as the Foundation.

Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art

The Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA) is the first museum in the Visayas region dedicated to modern and contemporary art. It aims to enrich the community life of Iloilo province by way of exhibitions and outreach programs. ILOMOCA is envisioned as a site where ideas are constructed and engaged through art. By activating the transformative potentials of exhibitions and public programs, the museum presents art as a means and a method by which dialogues about social life can unfold.